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    North Hollywood, California, USA

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    BDSM/Fetish, Body Rubs, Live Cams, and Other

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  • Height:

    5 ft. 2 in.

  • Weight:

    110 lbs.

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  • Bust Size:

    32 C


  • Catering To:

    Men, Women, and Couples

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  • Hourly Rate:

    400 - 500 USD

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F 500

Added on October 11, 2015

Her photos extended the invitation to pursue moments to spend in her presence. Her voice added the familiarity that made it comforting to know the right choice had been made. From the moment that I saw her, I was enthralled by her beauty and internally left for joy. She does not the fall in the category of the GND or MILF but as a woman that you want to spend countless hours and days with. And that is how the story begins. Our evening starting with wonderful getting to know you conversation where we slowly eased into the physical interaction of a light touch here and there. Once dinner arrived we enjoy a level of intimacy discussing our passions and interests. She extended the net of relaxation that assured me that our time was about me. It was clear that discretion was her policy and companionship was her passion. Into the night was all the pleasures that two people could enjoy starting with the bubble bath to falling asleep together in bed. It was my treat to feast upon her beautiful frame with more than just my eyes. The climax came from not the act itself but from the feeling of closeness I had with her. The conclusion of this seeming fairy tale was enjoyed by morning breakfast and soapy shower. She makes it hard to say goodbye to her radiant smile. She is a wonderful delight and is one of the jewels that is something to indulge.

Added on July 17, 2015

appearance 9 - Model material performance 10 - One in a lifetime attitude amazing attitude atmosphere sensual, sexual, kinky all in one I had seen Cherry on a previous trip to LA some months ago, and was anxious to see her again. I emailed her my travel plans and she was very responsive. We coordinated schedules and landed on a time and day. Previously I had seen her at her play den, which was well set up for all kinds of fun, but this time I arranged for her to meet me at my hotel, which she gladly accommodated. Leading up to our time she sent the occasional flirty text and you get the feeling that she loves this stuff. I mean really loves it. She was on time and when I opened the door she looked amazing with that genuine lovely smile, with her eyes that look in to your soul and twist it....I knew it was what I had hoped it would be. Non VIPr's, you have to see her. for sure. VIPr's read on. Cherry is one of a kind. Super connected with you, and I know that is probably cheesy, but she is genuinely into sex and kink and just exudes a sexuality that is so amazing. She came in to the room, showed off the toys she had brought, including a massive strap on, got changed into a sexy outfit (because it was a hotel she came dressed very business professional/discreet, which I appreciated). We reconnected with a drink and some time on the deck and then launched in to some fun. I am bit on the kinky side and she has always been accommodating. I have wanted to be able to take a full fist which does take some patience, knowledge and communication. As of yet, I am close, and have been in "training" for over a year. She was very patient, safe all the while pushing my boundaries. I enjoyed some favors to help loosen and relax me and she was very ok with that. She knows how to touch you. She enjoys touching you. She doesnt judge. She is beautiful inside and out. She will give you a time you wont forget. In fact, it was such a good time, I had her back a few days later for another memory to never forget. I really enjoy Cherry, and you will too. treat her with respect and she will pay you back with sensations that go way above just an orgasm

Added on June 9, 2015

My experience with Cherry was otherworldly, it was literally the best orgasm of my entire life. Cherry is magic, she’s got all the right moves, she’s gorgeous, and she’ll make you feel like a million bucks. But most importantly, literally: best orgasm of my entire life. Trust me, you will want her over and over again. This review was by a woman, not a man.

Added on May 22, 2015

I would just like to put this out there that my mistress Cherry is possibly the best dominatrix I have ever visited in my life and i’ve been playing for 25 years. She is hands down above 99% of any dommes out there and I have played with over 150 different dommes in my life. Cherry owns me now and will only be playing with her. Any slave lucky enough to hook up with her will feel the same way guaranteed PainSlut

Added on March 30, 2015

Straponbrother here, Ms.Cherry Price , Being in the presence and spending time with Cherry allow me feel like that I been touch by a Angel , in the sense of her skills , her knowing my body and as well as her picking up on my vibes with such care and her not being a clock watcher. Although I was Dominated by my request with the Ultimate Strapon / Pegging Session and also provided me with an atmosphere of the Girl Friend Experience and not feeling like I was with a Escort , Cherry is definitely one of a kind and special.

Added on January 24, 2015

appearance 7 - Attractive performance 8 - Went the extra mile attitude sweetheart atmosphere apartment Had seen her before, and wanted some foot play. She told me she was available showered, and headed to North Hollywood. Gated apartment area, easy to find parking.... she opened the door....Treat her good guys, she is a special woman. wearing high heels, and black stockings. She asked me on the phone what color of stockings....I left it to her decision. Came inside, sat on the couch, holding hands, catching up on the last time we saw each other. It was a cold night, and I started to get naked. She setted the mood by putting porn on the tv, and candles lit. I took off her high heels, started to massage her feet in her black stockings. Started to kiss her feet, lick her feet. Taking off those stockings carefully, smelling them. She sitting across from me, I am massaging her bare feet, kissing her feet, licking her feet, sucking on her toes. She smiling, and getting excited from me doing this to her. I rub her foot all over my face, chest, then switch to her other foot. With my hard erection, Cherry already knew what to do. She went to get a towel, and a napkin for my cum. I already knew this was going to be exciting. Cherry started to rub my erect cock with her foot. Then she switch using her other foot to excite me. She knew exactly when to stroke my cock with both feet at the same time till I came in a napkin. I cleaned myself up with warm towels that she had brought. Offered me her left over dinner, which was nice of her. I stayed passed my time, which was getting late anyway. Hugged and gave each other a kiss and left.
Slave M

Added on January 24, 2015

So i just had a fantastic session with Goddess Cherry. It was incredibly wonderful, sensual domination that i dream of. She is a complete pro with a strap-on and took it to me, which i thoroughly enjoyed. i will probably be back within a couple days for more! Thank you Goddess Slave M

Added on October 11, 2014

The woman is a champion at being eaten. I was intrigued by her reputation for squirting. A woman looking for a tongue slave seemed to be up my alley. When she opened the door, I was pleased with her looks. I was even happier when...

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